Our Story

Agenda Holders



Our story has begun in 2014, when our founder Nik Vene was constantly stressed out because of his shirt. Every time he sat down, kneeled or even stretched, he had to re-tuck it to look flawless again. After researching what market has to offer and finding nothing significant, he devoted himself to the development of his own solution. At this point, the first T-Holder was born. Ever since the beginning, Nik was on a mission to create a high quality oriented brand, presenting only handmade products of finest materials


In 2016 we have launched our first Kickstarter campaign, which enabled us to raise more than $58.000 and welcome more than 1.800 gentlemen to our Agenda family. Furthermore, we expanded our business both through our own web store and through a couple of retailers. The most crucial aspect of our business are our customers and their feelings regarding the products we create. That is why our brand revolves around asking our customer audience about how satisfied they are with our products and what changes they would make to perfect them. By doing so, we constantly receive suggestions for improvements, which are often accompanied by lots of positive feedback, that serves as our daily inspiration. Taking what they have to say into account, we dedicated 5 months to carefully develop an improved version of our T-Holder, called S-Holder. The result was a luxuriously designed product of impeccable function and comfort for every user. People immediately feel in love with it, which fueled our second Kickstarter success. Numerous deals with distributors around the globe and an increasing demand (15.000 pieces in less than a year) for what has become a synonym for shirt stays of the highest quality, has dictated us to increase the number of team members. Product development and brand image are now provided by two design specialists, a print specialist and a photographer. For purposes of text and content creation we additionally started cooperating with a PR expert. For our CEO to devote himself to team coordination and business development, we let an experienced accountant to handle our invoices and reports. Together with a sewing team of 5, we are a motivated group of individuals, united by a mission of simplifying an everyday life of a gentlemen in a luxurious way.

An ability to recognize the needs of our customer audience has sparked the belief that we need to keep the development going. Our line of luxurious products will soon be expanded to serve the people who aim to look and feel perfect in every way and every moment. During the process we will dedicate ourselves to become an internationally appreciated brand, characterized by the highest quality products and utmost respect for customer feedback.


Innovative shirt holder which will keep shirt perfectly tucked

Developed in 2015

Made from elastic, skin-friendly and comfortable material

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